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with the emphasis on prevention: our aim is to advise and guide the client at the beginning of the dispute so that legal proceedings can be avoided. Only those cases with a reasonable chance of success are brought before the courts.


both before and during these negotiations. This assistance is not only legal but also tactical and strategic, in order to achieve the desired acceptable result.


whereby we try to help the parties, with full knowledge of the relevant facts, reach a fair agreement among themselves that respects the needs of all parties. Our intervention ensures the legal certainty of the commitments that are attached to the settlement.


Always in direct contact with our client, him/her being the most central element. Clients are kept up to date concerning the steps to be taken and the associated fees.

About Devlies & Partners

We stand for efficient, high quality service and custom legal work at local rates.

The office was founded in 1977 by Carl Devlies (licentiate degrees in Law and Economics). In 1986, he entered into a partnership with Dirk Tillemans (licentiate degree in Law, former family and criminal law assistant at KU Leuven). The law firm presently is home to a comprehensive team of 5 lawyers.

We are an enterprising group of lawyers with many years of experience. We place great importance on thoroughness, expertise and commitment. Our strengths include our small-scale and easy accessibility, allowing the creation of a personal relationship with your lawyer.

We focus on companies as well as individuals, and review the strategy with you in order to work in a preventive and mediating way. If it comes to legal proceedings, we support you with advice and assistance. Each of our lawyers has his or her specific knowledge and specialisation. Intense cooperation allows us to easily handle multidisciplinary cases.

We look forward to working with you.


The fee covers the intellectual services provided by your lawyer.

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Professional rules

We are subject to the rules of the Flemish Bar Association and of the National Association.

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General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to all the services provided by the law firm.

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