• The fee covers the intellectual services provided by your lawyer. This includes a study of the case, discussions with the client, legal searches, providing advice, consultation with the counterparty, assistance before the courts and other bodies, communication with other parties, intermediaries and courts, negotiations, administrative follow-up, etc.
  • At the first consultation, a detailed list of costs will be communicated and you will be informed concerning the hourly rate that will apply.
  • This hourly rate can be adjusted according to the difficulty and urgency of the case, the seniority of the attending lawyer, the nature and value of the case as well as the result obtained. It is therefore impossible to provide a uniform hourly rate and a global cost per case, considering the variety of matters and interventions of our office. After all, each case is unique.
  • An individually tailored rate can be agreed for debt recovery.
  • Since 1 January 2014, costs and fees will be increased by 21% VAT.
  • An advance payment is requested at the start of each case. This will be repeated if necessary according to the progress made in the case. This has the advantage of spreading out the costs. These payments are deducted upon completion of the case.
  • At the simple request of the client, an interim settlement of accounts is also possible.
  • In certain cases, when the client is covered by legal assistance insurance, the costs and fees will be borne by the insurer within the limits of the cover.
  • Upon completion of the case, a detailed final statement will be drawn up, specifying the costs and the services provided. All original documents will be returned to the client.

One-off non-binding advice

You can also contact us for one-off legal advice. If it is limited to a one-time consultation, an invoice will be drawn up for a maximum of €90,75, including VAT, depending on the nature and duration of the consultation.

If after the consultation the case is further handled by the office, the initial consultation will be included in the services provided and billed later.


The general office costs cover the fixed office costs linked to the case.

Below is a list of the basic rates for the most common costs in cases. These are including VAT.

Opening a case, management and archiving

€60,50 per case

Letter ordinary/registered

 €12,10 per letter + registered mail fee

Sending a fax

 €1,21 per fax

Sending a mail

€7,26 per mail

Photocopy and scan

€0,36 per copy

Typing procedural documents

€13,92 per page


€0,67 per km

Court fees concern the costs associated with initiating proceedings such as the costs of summons, register duty, costs incurred by the judicial officer, etc. They are charged separately according to the actual cost price.