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We stand for efficient, high quality service and custom legal work at local rates.

Our law firm provides legal advice with the emphasis on prevention: our aim is to advise and guide the client at the beginning of the dispute so that legal proceedings can be avoided. Only those cases with a reasonable chance of success are brought before the courts. We try to help the parties, with full knowledge of the relevant facts, reach a fair agreement among themselves that respects the needs of all parties. Our intervention ensures the legal certainty of the commitments that are attached to the settlement.

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Our strengths

40+ years of experience

Law Firm Devlies & Partners has more than 40 years of experience: experience that allows us to make a difference.

Comprehensive team

Our team consists of 5 lawyers, each with a specific specialisation, which makes it possible to provide a total solution.

Personal contact

We attach great importance to personal contact between the client and the lawyer handling the case.

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